December 31, 2010
oh hey florence
January began in Rome but quickly made Florence my new home. I met my wonderful host family, explored the city streets and made authentic pizza. I discovered the beautiful little city of Lucca, ate more than I thought possible, and laid on the floor of the Sistine Chapel to admire Michelangelo's work.
san marino
February involved seeing more of Italy than I thought possible. I had the best pasta ever in Bologna, took a quick weekend in Naples, Sorrento and Pompeii, and threw my first snowball in the Republic of San Marino.
March brought an end to my Florence program, but not before visiting Venice and Verona. I took a train to Nice, met David in Paris, and we began our adventures to Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
birthday tea
April began in beautiful Austria-- where I fulfilled my Sound of Music dreams in Salzburg. After a quick stop in Potsdam, I made my way to Oxford for the next few months. We took a trip throughout Wales, I brought in my 21st year with tea, and ended the month with more tea in Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath.
corpus christi library
May was a month truly dedicated to life in Oxford. I saw more plays than I thought imaginable, went to a tortoise fair, and experimented in the darkroom for the first time. I also went punting and took my favorite film photos ever of Windsor and Clivedon.
my wonderful mama hely
June included several trips to London-- one to see Les Miserables and the other with David. I left Oxford early to go to the Philippines to see my beloved grandmother. I spent more time than I ever want to on airplanes (London to Abu Dhabi to Manila, to Abu Dhabi to London, to Berlin, to Frankfurt to Bologna).
san luca with nik
July brought me back to Italy. I spent 3 weeks in Bologna,with one weekend back home in Florence. Bologna was fun with gelato, centro lame and the hike to San Luca.
the view from here
August was my first full month back home. I participated in a photoswap with my new yellow holga, went kayaking in Monterrey, and had lots of good sister time. I also opened up my own little etsy shop!
sunday flatmate dinner <3
September brought me back to school. I began life in an apartment (which I couldn't love more), I went to the famers' market more times than I can count, and my life revolves around food even more (if that's possible).
all the gourds/pumpkins in our apartment at one time
October rekindled my love for tea parties and began my love affair with butternut squash. I began my {things to love} series, saw Tibetan monks, and went to a Japanese tea garden. I was also Calvin and Hobbes for halloween!
downtown santa cruz
November brought me to Santa Cruz for the first time in more than a year. I continued my obsession with food, sumo wrestled for the first time, and was an assistant photographer for the lovely Rachel Thurston. Thanksgiving was squash-filled and lovely at home.
December began with more papers and studying than I ever wanted, but quickly brought me to my first road trip. David and I drove along the California/Oregon coast, headed to Portland, Seattle and drove through the mountains back home. Time back home was warm and relaxing and I couldn't end the year with more love.

I've learned and experienced more in 2010 than I thought possible. All of the traveling and personal growth has been unbelievable. I have no idea what's to come in the new year (especially since I'm graduating in June!) but I'm hopeful and ready. Happy New Year!


  1. what a beautiful year you have had! wow. happy new year! xo

  2. wow... so amazing and lucky that you got to travel so much. one day i would love to do that same. Happy new year!!

  3. What an adventure!! I just love all your traveling. Doesn't it just put an amazing perspective on life?

    xo M

  4. Looks like you had a great year!
    Hopefully 2011 brings more joy and even more traveling! :)

  5. What an AMAZING year!! Hope 2011 is just as good!

  6. Lovely photos. i know for a fact you had a wonderful year.

    happy new year!

  7. of course i love this. i don't need to tell you why! :)

  8. Thanks for dropping by ... My oldest lived all over Italy a few years back.. First was Siena for school, and then several cities close by ..did her masters at Uni. of Milan...she loved Italy.. your photos are awesome!. U've done a lot in a year!.

  9. Gorgeous! You make me want to travel more in 2011. I hope this year is even better than the last for you!

  10. WOW!!!! What an amazing year!!! I look up to you = ) and hopefully my 2011 will be just as adventurous! And that yours will be even better.

  11. What a blessed year you had. That photo of you and your grandma made me smile. 2011 will hold endless possibilities for you! Cheers to more adventures for you!