oxford punting

May 23, 2010
even though i began this weekend lamenting the fact that i wasn't traveling anywhere, my friday turned into quite a lovely day and i realized that this weekend was perfect to be in oxford. i ended up going punting with my friends eunice, cristal, and my new friend ben. prior to coming to oxford, i had no idea what punting was (and therefore had never done it before), but for those of you who don't know, punting is riding along a river in a low, flat boat and paddling along with a big pole thing (much like venice's gondolas). during our time on the water, we literally bumped into the riverbanks, some trees, and some other friends! friday was the perfect first experience, complete with wonderful people, pimm's and sunshine.


  1. The photos are amazing. lucky gal, looks like lots of fun there!!!

  2. lovely place there.


  3. I want to go back to Oxford, I've only been once when I was little and we lived near there but I think I would appreciate it much more now.

    looks like you had an amazing time!

    p.s. how cool that you have the same brownie, isnt it the cutest thing?! :)