ramen family dinner

October 30, 2012
preparingamy miso broth booties cris at the table just before together
One Sunday in September, we rented an enormous San Francisco apartment, invited our friends over, and hosted a homemade ramen family dinner.

Ingredients: miso paste (for the broth), nori, ramen noodles, corn, soft boiled eggs, edamame, fish cakes, mushrooms, spicy pepper and oil, and good company.

until next time

October 24, 2012
roses joanna spoons salt & straw hydrangeas japanese garden
Having been to Portland three times in the past few months, I've developed a real soft spot for the place. It might have been the unusually longer summer; it might not have been. But when you start dreaming of lavender-honey ice cream and hydrangeas are your favorite flowers in the Rose Garden, you know something's up.

in the air

October 22, 2012
eager morning dawn
The best part of an early morning flight is the glimpse of dawn, stretching above the clouds.

an ode to oakland

October 12, 2012
green and golden hour
I don't write about baseball often (maybe just once?) and I wouldn't consider myself the kind of fan that boasts or boos. ("Boo" is a term of endearment, not an insult.) I started following the A's well after their 20 game streak, at a time when most people had given up on the team and were surprised if they'd made it over .500 for the season.

That being said, I've never felt so much heart around one team. Even before this season. I was once at the bottom of the theater of Epidauros in Greece, wearing an A's hat and a fellow fan, on the other side of the world, asked how the team was doing. And the time I was in Wales wearing my Harden jersey when one of the quietest kids in my group came up to me to talk about the team.

I'd always remembered those moments but it wasn't until this season that I'd really felt that Oakland love in a way that makes your heart melt with pride. It wasn't just winning the AL West when, at the beginning of the season, sportswriters everywhere expected them to trail at third or fourth in the division.

It was a team unknown to anyone but Oakland making waves with their 17 consecutive games with home runs, their All-Star rookie pitchers, their August 21st triple play, their absolutely [Reddick]ulous outfield, their out-of-nowhere sweeps, their walk-off pies, their Bernie lean. It was this team that brought the green and gold sea of fans back home to the Coliseum with blood, sweat, and pie.

Never been more proud of the green and gold. Well done, boys. Well done.

the fall violet

October 10, 2012
fall violet four fall soups in the fall '12 violet
The Fall issue of The Violet is here, with "Four Soups for Fall" by yours truly. (I'm obsessed with the apple butternut squash.) I've loved working with these gals and am nothing but proud of what they've put together.

the artists' home

October 8, 2012
Untitled Untitled lady like Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Savannah and Rebecca's Charleston home was beautiful in a very intentional, yet very effortless way. As artists, everything in their home was either their own work or had another story of its own. The details are what got to me, mostly. The tiny music box on the window sill, the overgrown house plants, the endless newly begun art. Only some things were finished finished, leaving a world of possibilities for everything else.

raven sophia

October 5, 2012
raven sophia all the girls long day congratulations! troublemaker new baby, new ate daddy and his littlest girl raiza girls troublemaker i'm an aunt (again)! rimramrsm saying good night eyes open
And just like that, a whole new life is here. Less than 24 hours ago, we didn't know if she'd be a girl or a boy, if she'd be early or late, or what her name would be.

Raven Sophia.

or Bubble Guppy, as we've started calling her since she blows so many bubbles. She has the thickest hair underneath that tiny cap and when you're holding her, you can already see her eyelashes. You can tell that they're going to be long.

Welcome to the world, little Raven Sophia. My newest niece. Can you believe that so many people already love you?

scenes from charleston

October 3, 2012
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
1. Succulents from the very first day.
2. The best vegetarian phở, found in an Asian grocery store.
3. An abundance of beautiful planters.
4. A stranger and his cutie.
5. A pleasant surprise.
6. Savannah and little Corn Dog.
7. A trip to The Vegetable Bin.
8. A quick walk through the park.
9. My idea of Charleston, in picture form: a little shabby on the edges but charming all the same.