the corpus christi tortoise fair

May 16, 2010
today was the annual corpus christi tortoise fair!

for any of you who are unfamiliar with the oxford college system,
there are about 40 colleges within oxford which are independent and
have their own classes, buildings, students, etc
but altogether they form the university body.

the college i'm affiliated with is corpus christi
(which i love especially when (but not limited to...))
the fun tortoise race they had today.

there were tortoises from some other colleges and they all came together to race
but also to raise money for different charities

there were also little booths and games for people
giant chess, face painting, choir concert...

the start!

there were a ton of people there to watch the little guys race

it was also pouring rain

luckily and rightfully,
the corpus christi tortoise won (:


  1. amazing photos as always and i love the first photo. it's too cute!!!

  2. haha, so fun! i love this... and i really like the first picture. :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I LOVE tortoises; they are my favorite animal. :) Who is the guy in the last picture? He has impeccable taste in clothing!

  4. aw thanks you guys! angela beth- the guy in the last photo is j.w.- our very own tortoise keeper and the guy who organized the whole event :)

  5. So adorable! I want to be his friend! Your life is divine.

  6. Hi there! Awesome photos! would it be possible to obtain the original starting race photo, i.e. in higher quality thanks!!

  7. Hi Will, you didn't leave any contact information but if you send me an email I can get it to you.