thanksgiving weekend

November 29, 2010
more butternut squash than i ever imagined
pre-thanksgiving naps
cutest little raiza
on the bathroom door, for visitors
ghost children
my dress (photography by raine)
There comes a time when you can't bring your camera everywhere, or if you do, you're just too busy living to stop and take pictures. This past weekend felt like that. All of these photos are from Thanksgiving Day but other than these I don't have much to show for the weekend.

Per tradition, my sisters and I went Black Friday shopping (brother, cousin and nephew came for the first time) and I'm not sure I would have wanted to photograph that experience even if I had the time to. This year seemed a lot more hectic than the past years, but I did get a $3 hand mixer, two pairs of $7 jeans and lots of Christmas presents. Mid-shopping at 7:30am, we had a family breakfast at Mimi's Cafe where they serve huge, warm and delicious muffins. I know a lot of people think Black Friday shopping is crazy and not worth it, and in a lot of ways, I agree. But I go every year because its a sister tradition and I love my sisters.

The rest of the weekend seems to be a bit of a blur as my sleep cycle was thrown off so badly. Saturday was a lot of errands and Sunday I went out in the Berkeley marina with David's family to paddle in a dragon boat. The skies were clear and we could see San Francisco and the Golden Gate perfectly from across the bay. Strangers in bay-front restaurants even waved back as we rowed past them.


  1. the sweet potato dish looks AMAZING. i was excited to see your thanksgiving post because i knew there would be pretty food pictures involved. :)

  2. You're pretty brave to go out shopping on Friday. That toilet sign is priceless

  3. I was totally in a bay-front restaurant yesterday, overlooking the Berkeley marina. Unfortunately, I saw no dragon boats. =[

  4. Lovely photos! the food looks delicious!

  5. That food sure looks tasty!... and $7 jeans sound like black Friday success to me!


  6. I was lured in by the butternut squash picture.. looks delicious. :] I stay away from black friday, but I know if it was a sister tradition, I would be there! Happy Holidays everyone!

  7. glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving! i love the picture of the two on the couch, looks like what we did!


  8. That food looks so YUMMY! It looks way yummier than our dinner. haha. That sign on the bathroom made me laugh. We go black friday shopping every year at midnight even though we hardly buy anything. haha. its just tradition now

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  9. I've always avoided Black Friday shopping but a tradition is a tradition. Your sign for the bathroom is hilarious

  10. mimi's cafe has the BEST muffins! oh my goodness, they're so delicious... i want one right now. ;)

  11. Darling and that sign to the bathroom, lol...hilarious. Looks like some yummy food!
    xxxx Emily ;-)