June 29, 2012

I don't know how often newspapers, magazines, and the food world come to Wolfe's-- or that they do at all. It's a modest little diner in Potrero, quiet and unassuming. They serve anything from breakfast to burgers, but we come for the Korean.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

We're really fortunate to have fresh lunches at work but sometimes you just need to get out of the office. Wolfe's Lunch has become our go-to: Amy gets the bulgoki and I get veggie bibimbap. Sometimes Etan and Pauline come along, too.

No matter what, we always leave with rice-filled bellies, happy to have our own little gem of a diner.


boulange brunch

June 27, 2012

The college roommate gods were good to me. My freshmen year I found myself sharing a room with a pretty girl who owned more earrings than anyone else I know (and my mom owns a lot).


Then, two years later, I walked up a crooked staircase (in a crooked house) to find the same sweet girl was to be my roommate in Oxford.

Within the first day there, Hiyabel brought another friend into our room who chattered non-stop in the prettiest Spanish accent you've ever heard.

smoked salmon lau

And now, a year after college, these are the girls I can't wait to see when we're all in town. We make plans to travel the world together, find Laura her prince, and pick up right where we left off.


morning on the beach

June 25, 2012

Central California is something else.

IMG_1470 IMG_1474 IMG_1486 IMG_1490 IMG_1493 IMG_1499

beach house

June 22, 2012
shelves chai donut donut #2 lemons bread box sail the porch raiza family

Our last morning in our adorable Cayucos beach house. It had an open kitchen, cafe lights strung in the backyard around a fire pit, and something Raine likes to refer to as the "hot pool" (a hot tub perfect for sunset dips).

I don't know what I think is funnier: the fact that Raine "sampled" four donuts or that Raiza insisted on wearing her tutu all morning.


June 20, 2012
big sur

Highway 1: best coast continued.

oh, california raine raiza elephant seals rimram1 gulls

We stopped multiple times along Big Sur to gaze at the ocean, throw rocks, and take ridiculous pictures. My favorite part about this coast is that the ocean and the redwoods are so close together. There's nothing like it. Once we got closer to San Luis Obispo, we spotted some elephant seals and took the girls to see them. Raine wondered why they didn't all have beach balls while Raiza was distracted by collecting rocks.

best coast

June 18, 2012
big sur

For years I'd go on and on about how beautiful the drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz was along
Highway 1.

And then I went a little further south, along Big Sur, to find some of the most breathtaking views I'd ever seen.

Best coast, indeed.

pad thai party

June 13, 2012

Traditionally pad thai is prepared one plate at a time and tastes the best with the freshest ingredients. Since prep time takes so long, Amy and I (along with her boyfriend, Joshua) thought it'd be fun to prep ingredients for a small group and host a little party where everyone could help prep and also cook their own bowl of noodles.


We used Chez Pim's novella of a recipe and took her advice on using fresh tamarinds instead of store-bought sauce. It makes all the difference but feels really gross to squish into the right consistency.

finished tamarind joshua + blow torch coconut shrimp + caramelized plantains

While we prepped the main ingredients, Joshua made coconut-covered shrimp with sugar-scorched plantains as an appetizer. Everyone who came also brought yummy things like brownies, Greek olives, and the most beautiful berries I've ever seen.

limes bean sprouts tofu tofu cuties

Most of these pictures are of the prep work-- not the actual cooking and the assembly line of ingredients we formed. Nonetheless it was a really great way to spend a Sunday: in the kitchen with really wonderful company.