February 5, 2010
last week some of us went to a little pizzeria to learn how to make pizza! the biggest difference i've noticed between american and italian pizza is that italian pizza is generally more simple and fresh. it's delicious. also.. pizza making is hard (mine turned out rectangle...) kuddos to the guys who do this daily!

some photos of my (sad but fun) attempt...

this face pretty much describes the entire process.

{thank you, jaimee & cristina, for taking these photos!}


  1. oh my goodness! how fun!
    making a pizza at a real pizzeria!? so fun.
    and it looks super tasty!

  2. omgosh how fun!!! Awe your face is priceless lol but adorable pictures!!

  3. That looks awesome! You're totally into it the entire time, and it turned out beautifully! :D

  4. Yummy! I would LOOOVE to make pizza, it's my favorite food :)

  5. Oooh, you're making me hungry!
    How fun!!

    <3 Grace.

  6. Looks HECKA yummy! I am sick :(

    (that was supposed to make you feel bad for me so you will bring me that pizza. you have 5 minutes.)

  7. oh my gosh are you kidding?! if anything you do! hahah you see the most amazing places and are fulfilling your goal to see the world. it's inspiring :)