10 days!

May 31, 2010
until david comes to visit in oxford!!!

{polaroid from our favorite gasthaus in vienna}

sunset at cardigan bay

May 29, 2010

Align Centerphotos never do it justice.

cardigan bay

May 28, 2010
after carreg cennen castle, we drove to cardigan bay to stay at this sea cliff hotel for the night. we didn't have a lot of time here since we needed to leave for st. david's cathedral in the morning, but we had enough time to explore the cliffs just before dinner.

it was so nice being here, too.
i've missed the ocean.

english polaroids

1. stonehenge
2. a little bridge in salisbury
3. sally lunn tea and a bun with jam and clotting cream, bath

i'm pretty reserved when i take polaroids
because i'm so aware of how expensive the film is
the end result being that i have no polaroids of one place
or only one or two.

i'm hoping to be a little more carefree with oxford.

carreg cennen castle

May 27, 2010
back during the first weekend in england, our program went to wales. i've been pretty terrible at posting the rest of the photos from then but i guess it's better late than never. another one of the stops we made was to carreg cennen castle, still in wales, but pretty secluded so it's hard to get to on your own. the castle is just in ruins now, but it sits atop a big hill and the views are quite lovely.
since i never made it to the foothills of the alps when i went to salzburg, i thought that running and spinning around here in wales would be second best to reenact the opening scene of the sound of music.

and, while we're on the subject of reenacting movie scenes, the cliffs here at carreg cennen were pretty reminiscent of the cliff scene in pride and prejudice, so here is my kiera knightley face during the close up of this scene. i'm a nerd, so what?

oxford punting

May 23, 2010
even though i began this weekend lamenting the fact that i wasn't traveling anywhere, my friday turned into quite a lovely day and i realized that this weekend was perfect to be in oxford. i ended up going punting with my friends eunice, cristal, and my new friend ben. prior to coming to oxford, i had no idea what punting was (and therefore had never done it before), but for those of you who don't know, punting is riding along a river in a low, flat boat and paddling along with a big pole thing (much like venice's gondolas). during our time on the water, we literally bumped into the riverbanks, some trees, and some other friends! friday was the perfect first experience, complete with wonderful people, pimm's and sunshine.


May 21, 2010
i miss traveling with david.

the world's longest exposure

May 20, 2010
david has been really into stumbleupon lately
so while i'm attempting to write one my tutorial papers
he sends me links like this, this, this and photos sometimes like this:

my favorite link that he's sent so far has been this:

the world's longest exposure photo,
taken for 6 months.
it was taken from dec 19, 2007 to june 21, 2008
from the winter to summer solstices
and the lines mark the sun's travel
it's so beautiful.
you can read the story behind it here

the corpus christi tortoise fair

May 16, 2010
today was the annual corpus christi tortoise fair!

for any of you who are unfamiliar with the oxford college system,
there are about 40 colleges within oxford which are independent and
have their own classes, buildings, students, etc
but altogether they form the university body.

the college i'm affiliated with is corpus christi
(which i love especially when (but not limited to...))
the fun tortoise race they had today.

there were tortoises from some other colleges and they all came together to race
but also to raise money for different charities

there were also little booths and games for people
giant chess, face painting, choir concert...

the start!

there were a ton of people there to watch the little guys race

it was also pouring rain

luckily and rightfully,
the corpus christi tortoise won (: