cara signorina robyna, (bologna part 2)

February 11, 2010
my friend heather and i were feeling a little dejected walking around on sunday since most everything was closed. however, we were determined to find the restaurant you suggested. so we wandered along via marsala, in the empty abandoned porticos with shops closed up. some guy came up to us and asked US if we know where he could get pizza by the slice (ha!).. and we told him we were looking for somewhere to eat ourselves. he said that a little ways up the road and to the left there were some restaurants, so we headed that way.

then.. lo and behold:


it was destiny! robyn... thank you for telling me about Osteria dell'Orsa.

we were SO HAPPY once we got inside! it was packed- loud and cozy and authentic italian (:

here's what we had:

we started with a crostini appetizer -
melted mozzarella with arugula and pecorino. so so so good

then.. the primary reason i came to bologna: the pasta. it was short pasta with smoked bacon and pecorino- so simple but flavorful. then the RICHEST and most gigantic tortellini stuffed with ricotta and spinach and lightly covered in a 3 cheese sauce. they balanced each other out so well. the best pasta i've ever eaten :)

this is such a cozy little place (:

dear readers, if any of you ever go to bologna, please promise me you'll go here. it's.. amazing. and now our little blogging corner knows all about it thanks to robyn.

you're the best.


ps - we tried to find your gelateria recommendations but everything was closed. sounds like i need to go back ;)


  1. that pasta looks SO good!!
    i love that i can pretend i'm in italy through your posts! wonderful photos!

  2. everything looks so good and yummy! great photos.

  3. Ooooh my god that pasta looks so good!

  4. wow!!! yumm im glad i just ate dinner or else id be mouthwatering over this :D

  5. oh my gosh that all looks so delicious!

  6. i'm pretty much drooling over that pasta dish! it sounds absolutely incredible!

  7. Oh my gosh, Celeste!
    Consider me taking notes - today I received my acceptance from Syracuse University!!

    Anyway, this made me hungry.
    How delicious!
    I foresee myself gaining many a pound abroad.

    Hope you're enjoying yourself!

    <3 Grace.

  8. dear celeste...
    i adore you for this sweet blog and i wish i could be there to eat that delicious meal! of luck on your travels and thank you for keeping us in the loop of these adventures. it brightens my day :)

  9. I swear can I just trade places with you ONE day!!! lol Lovely!

  10. ahh my mouth is salivating when i saw that criotini...YUMMYYYY!!!