friday five

January 8, 2010

yesterday we had our first day of sun!
it didn't last long, but it was refreshing to see blue skies.


the city lights haven't gone away yet! although they'll probably go down this weekend... but they're still so pretty to see. i was thinking of starting a petition asking the city government to keep the lights up year-round? well, not seriously.. but they are so gorgeous. i can't get enough.


last night we had a little field trip to galileo's house. it was very.. empty. and the tour was in italian so i didn't understand much, but i will say that it was very cool to be there and to know that's where he stayed (even if it was by force under house arrest).


bottled water- sparkling and flat


penne with bolognese & ricotta ravioli

roasted chicken & bistecca florentina

some delicious chocolate and custard creation

after the house tour, we had a scrumptious dinner sponsored by donors of stanford's study abroad program. it was wonderful- and 4 courses. the italians really know how to eat!


wednesday was a holiday - la epifania - so i had the day to myself to explore. during my trek around the town center, i kept running into couples holding hands. i guess its super creepy of me to have this picture, but i absolutely love seeing older couples. they warm my heart.


  1. that pasta made me hungry for the delicious pasta meals i had on a trip to italy years ago! nothing like the real thing...

  2. everything is so beautiful.
    even their bottled water is pretty!
    ha, :).

    i don't think that's creepy at all with the picture.
    but, that's probably because i'd do the exact same thing.
    so...maybe we're both creeps?

  3. Um- are you trying to make me drool? Because I am... :D The trip looks wonderful!

  4. lovely photos. i love the last one. it's so romantic. have a lovely time over there :)

  5. I adore older couples too! I'm not gonna lie I am suuuuper jealous of your traveling experience right now! You look like you're having an amazing time!

  6. I just found your blog through "A Bite of Allison" and literally squealed with happiness!
    I go to SCU (I assume you know the place, considering I stalked through your blog and you go to Stanford).
    I just found out that I've been approved to apply to study abroad next fall - in Florence!
    I'm excited but nervous and all too curious about what it will be like.

    I'm Grace - nice to meet you!
    I hope you won't mind me following along with your adventures, which seems to be already off to an amazing and beautiful start.
    Have fun!

    <3 Grace.

  7. Ooh girl, I will definitely be hitting you up for suggestions.
    I'm so pumped!

    Two questions, if you don't mind my asking?
    Where are you, specifically?
    I will be at SUF, so yay for classes in English!
    Annnd - do you speak Italian?
    I don't, and this worries me slightly.

    <3 Grace.

  8. no i don't mind at all! i live in the city center, literally right next to the santa maria novella and about 10 minutes from the duomo. i go to stanford and we have a study abroad program here, which is based right next to the ponte vecchio.

    i'm not fluent, but i've taken a year of it and i've been using it to get around. you can definitely survive on english, but i would encourage you to try to learn the basics and then use some while you're here because then you're actually LIVING in florence as opposed to just visiting.

    also.. my host mom works for SUF. i'm not even kidding.

  9. lovely photos!!! i want to be there... so badly!

  10. Thanks for supporting my project! I'm so shocked that so many people are getting involved's amazing!

  11. mmm i am definitely drooling over the food pictures haha