November 27, 2012
Even apart from its falling leaves, Orvieto was beautiful. We stumbled into a tiny ceramics shop and spoke to the owner who made everything herself. Seeing her brushes and glazes made me miss the wheel so much. At the end of our conversation, she wished us a "buona vita." So sweet.

We went on an underground tour then saw more stray cats than anywhere else in Italy. I was being uncharacteristically picky about where to eat for lunch and only settled when we found a tiny hole in the wall with handwritten notes from visitors everywhere. I had truffle pasta, David had polenta with wild boar, we shared the wine.

There isn't much else, but I think the town was the most charming in its simplicity. It had the narrow alleyways decorated with vines and bathed in sunlight all along buildings were worn throughout the centuries-- everything you'd imagine Italy to be.

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for today

November 22, 2012
I can hardly believe it's this time of year again. I love it, but I can hardly believe it.

It's always around this time I think about how I've grown-- if at all-- and what's next.

I don't know what's next, but I know what's now:

The way daylight seems more precious, now that we're heading into the colder months. An arm, a chest, a shoulder to lean on for no reason other than that it's yours to do so. Having lived enough (not a lot, but enough) that any place is familiar, recognizable, and witness to the you you used to be and you you now are. Traveling halfway across the world but always having a family to come home to.

Most of all, having a heart that feels all of this and fills to the brim, only to overflow in a subtle yet continuous pitter-patter of "thank you"s in response.


the leaves in orvieto

November 19, 2012
Orvieto is a tiny hill-top town half way between Florence and Rome. It's one of the towns I'd tried to go to twice already, failed, and finally made it with David in tow. I have some photos from the city itself but here are some from a park we happened upon when we missed our bus and decided to walk back to the train station.

black and white and color on the ground in the park us
Layers and layers of golden-brown leaves in the most picturesque park I ever did see.

notes from the road

November 16, 2012
souvenirs We took an overnight train from Florence and woke up in Munich this morning.

Now that I've taken some time off work, it's strange shifting my focus to set out and explore. I've been to Munich before but don't remember it well. We've been setting off in whichever direction seems right and enjoying the things we find along the way.

Photos from a Florence photo booth. My favorite souvenir to date.


November 13, 2012
firenze & orvieto instagrams
I almost can't believe I'm back.

I've been working in Florence for the past couple of days and am so happy, so lucky, so blessed to call this city one of my homes. The best part? Already knowing the streets. Or visiting my favorite gelateria every day for the past three days (whoops). Or speaking (broken) Italian. Or having dinner with my host parents. Or showing David my favorites spots. Or introducing David to my host parents.

Everything is the best part.


November 5, 2012
mary light kellee chickens and roads austin colors
Austin was one of those cities where I experienced more in real life and less behind a lens. Not that I didn't want to-- the colorful murals reminded me of the Mission back home and I don't think I've ever eaten more (delicious) tacos.

I've heard that Austin isn't conventional Texas but I didn't believe it until I found myself driving around in a smart car on my way to pick up Asian fusion for lunch. It's a charming little town in its own humble hippy kind of way. I just hope I won't forget the colors and the vibrant people who gave them a home.