oxford beginnings

April 30, 2010
(where j.r.r. tolkein did a lot of his writing!)
merton college and the oldest library in england
oriel college
oxford is tiny.
but it's so old and rich with history (and there are so many libraries!) that i'm beginning to love it.

almost berlin

April 29, 2010
even though i almost spent an entire week in potsdam and berlin with david, i hardly took any photos. i think my excuse was that i'd be coming back two more times before heading back home, so i guess i'll try to take more photos then. these two photos are one of the rare occasions where i did bring my camera. we went to a big flea market-esque place in berlin to find david a bike (success). i didn't get anything, but a nice man gave me a sample of scented lavender.

now, onto photos of the uk...


April 27, 2010
11:00pm the night before
my birthday (yesterday), by hour (minus 3pm), as inspired by rebecca.

the night before i opened the birthday package (with my family watching on skype)
i woke up to morning yoga, creative writing class, and spent time working on my paper before going to afternoon tea with hiyabel, chelsey and sarah (pictures to come)
then i came back and tried to write more (unsuccessfully)

this time last year, i was

sea kayaking with david
getting ready to go to greece
playing softball.. before tearing my ACL
working at my favorite coffee shop ever
loving santa cruz.

so much has happened in one year! i'm excited to see what the new one brings.

the overnight train

April 25, 2010
our first overnight train, circa 2010this is what all of the 6-person cabins looked like on our overnight train from vienna to berlin. there was no room to put your luggage except on the floor. yes, that is my gigantic blue luggage. and yes, i slept with it there all night. the next time david and i travel, i think we're going to rethink the overnight train. but still, it was an interesting (possibly fun?....) experience.

our last day

April 23, 2010
vienna was our last stop before heading to berlin
to begin david's semester abroad in potsdam

we decided to go to the natural history museum
it's enormous- i'm pretty sure that we spent at least 4 hours there.

not really sure why darwin is riding the tortoise

dory and some axolotls

a lion is about to attack him and he doesn't even care

one of my favorites

photography by david

a little break after our many hours of wandering



the gasthaus that we ate at every night.
it's delicious- soup and schnitzel for 5.80 euro

and then we headed to the westbahnhof for our overnight train

ork posters!

April 22, 2010
slightly travel-related, but not really:
how cool are these posters?
they seem to only have really big american cities
but hopefully their project will expand further.
i was tempted to get the san francisco one
to help decorate my bare oxford room walls,
but by the time it got here i'd already be leaving.

i have so much catching up to do
(school-wise and blog-wise)!

schloß schönbrunn

April 21, 2010
for our second day in vienna,
we took the metro to schloß schönbrunn,
the habsburg palace

what you see when you first walk through the gates

in the gardens


the back of the palace

each of the squares made a noise when you stepped on it,
so of course i danced all over it

only.. the coolest playground on the face of the planet
you could CLIMB INTO the bird

and there were trick mirrors (:

we went to an apple streusel demonstration

then took our final turn around these gardens before heading back

sometimes i don't know how it's possible
to love being with someone this much