(a new year's) weekend

January 3, 2011
millefoglie-- my favorite italian cookies that i just found in the states!
uncle david and raine
christmas in the park
sushi new years eve dinner
colorful chirashi don
getting closer
new years fire with remnants of christmas
Even though Christmas ended more than a week ago, there was still a lot of holiday spirit throughout the weekend. I went to the San Jose Tech Museum with my family (including David) and we saw a really interesting exhibit on the human body. There were decorated Christmas trees galore just outside of the museum along with the funniest holiday sign to date (see above).

My favorite parts of New Year's Eve were my sashimi-filled dinner and the fact that I found my favorite Italian cookies in a random market. The evening was quiet and cozy which some people might find boring, but I found perfect. Some drinks, some cuddling and a midnight kiss are all I need. Happy New Year! Now I'm off to start my first day of the next school quarter...


  1. umm pretty much love the watch! =)

  2. great photos sweetie and i love the 2nd picture! oh and that sashimi looks delicious! one of my favorite things to order!

    happy new year!


  3. The photos are really pretty! i love them all, especially the one of the flower and watch :)

    love the new banner! they're always so adorable! you should consider making me one...

  4. Your picture just made me crave sushi!! haha

  5. hello there celeste! happy new year! is that tatoo written in greek, in the 7th picture?! :) what's the first word? i can only see the second.

  6. pretty photos and happy belated new year

  7. Elizabeth-- I'd love to help you out with a new banner! Send me an email and we can talk about what you're looking for :)

    Flor-- Yes, it is! The first word is αἰωνία.

  8. great photos! this time of year is amazing :)

  9. Happy New year to you! I love the watch photo!

  10. Looks like a great weekend! That sign sure put a smile on my face :) Good luck with school!

    <3 kristen