moving on

April 15, 2013
I'm both excited and a bit sad to say my blog is moving over to a new platform. I don't mean to get all nostalgic, but Blogger was a great way for me to share my thoughts and photos for the past 4+ years. I'll still be writing about the same things with the same blog name, I'll just be over at instead.

Hope to see you there!

the end of the ranunculus

April 5, 2013
This time last week I couldn't even pronounce ranunculus. I still might not be saying it right. That's not the point.

I wanted to take a picture of these beauties but they were in a vase that didn't match, in a spot with poor lighting, and in an overall inconvenient spot to take photos. So I borrowed a new vase, found a spot by a window, and as I began transferring them over they began to fall apart.

You can see where the petals are starting to wilt, that they're taking their final breath, and one poor bulb just started shedding petals no matter how I held it. The point I'm trying to make but haven't really reached is that these pictures were work. Not a lot, but they certainly weren't effortless. Almost nothing is (nothing that matters, anyway).

I thought about it and tried to make it work but the final product didn't match what I'd imagined. The funny thing is, I think I like them better this way.

at the end behind the scenes

san francisco hotspots for suitcase magazine

April 1, 2013
suitcase magazine chambers blackbird
Not only am I super excited to have some photos up over at Suitcase Magazine, the entire project was so much fun because I got to work with my dear friend Christian (who happens to have impeccable taste). I'm really looking forward to working with this team again soon.

random order

March 29, 2013
random order
It's almost-the-end-of-the-day on Friday and all I want is to be in Portland at this table, eating this pie.

only for today

March 26, 2013
My grandmother would have been 89 today.

I have a small envelope of some of her things. Miscellany, mostly. Notes, a pocket mirror, church brochures, a bobby pin. There's also a small stack of worn cuts of binder paper. You can tell they were held and read over and over-- she hand wrote about a dozen prayers and would read from these throughout the day.

I miss her. Her delicate cursive is so telling of who she was. They make me cry so I try not to look into this envelope too much.

But today, it's okay. Happy Birthday, Mama Hely. Mahal kita.


March 25, 2013
Happiest birthday to the guy who picks up and delivers a 100-person cake for my niece's baptism, re-watches episodes so I can catch up, travels at the same pace, adores donuts as much as I do, and says, "that goes without saying" when I ask if I look cute.

You are forever thoughtful and surprising and sweet. I'm glad you're mine.

scenes from portland

March 21, 2013
1. An overcast view
2. The cutest breakfast nook in our listing
3. My favorite Portland breakfast
4. A smoothie break
5. The world's best banana creme pie
6. Details in my host's apartment
7. Channeling my inner Leslie Knope
8. Purple ice cream is best, especially with friends
9. A crackling fire to celebrate our first night in town

pine state

March 18, 2013
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Outside of eating, we didn't have much planned for Portland. I won't overload this space with food photos (for now) but Pine State Biscuits was one of the places we loved, were fortunate to stay within walking distance of, and ate at two days in a row.

We may or may not have been sad without the biscuits for a third day once we were back home.

spring came early

March 14, 2013
One of my favorite things about Portland is that it's wild and overgrown. None of the green life seems to be tended but it continues to grow beautifully however recklessly. Aside from the camellias, I don't know what any of these flowers are. They look unreal-- straight Seussian if you ask me. But even so, they were bright, plentiful, and a colorful peek of the season to come.

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s'mores brownies

March 6, 2013
s'mores brownies s'mores brownies s'mores brownies
I always fancied myself the family baker and then my cousin's boyfriend, Cory, made these. Good Lord.

S'mores Brownies
adapted from Cory

your favorite brownie recipe
graham crackers

Bake your brownies. Once a toothpick comes out clean, layer marshmallows on top. Continue to bake in the oven for a few minutes or until the top becomes a soft golden brown (like when you toast marshmallows for s'mores!). When the marshmallows are ready, press graham crackers on top and let cool. Bring to a family gathering to impress everyone.


March 4, 2013
In November, David and I went to Tiergartenquelle for our last night in Berlin. It was recommended by a friend as "very German" but with "American-sized portions" (which I still giggle at whenever I remember). For the record, he was right: the portions were enormous (and delicious).

Beyond portion sizes, I loved this place for its charm and warmth. It's located directly underneath the S-Bahn so while you're eating, you can hear and feel the train come and go overhead. I suppose this might be unnerving for some but I found it comforting. I can't explain it. That, along with communal seating, dim lights, and sitting across from one of my favorite people made for a lovely last evening.

I miss Europe.

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little miss raven

March 1, 2013
raven Untitled Untitled Untitled
Those cheeks! That hair! Gah, I love her so much.

I can't believe I'm a godmother!

vegan cooking class for pause & shine

February 27, 2013
IMG_2920 IMG_2963 ladies IMG_2977 IMG_3004 linda IMG_3051 IMG_3023
Pause & Shine hosted a vegan and gluten-free cooking class with Chef Linda Tay Esposito via Kitchit for a small group of women about a week ago. I, personally, was delighted that although the menu was completely vegan, it was also completely nut-free (I'm allergic and most vegan versions of dishes use nuts as substitutes).

Chef Linda created a delectable pan-Asian menu which we then prepared and cooked before eating together at a long, candle-lit table. An ideal Thursday evening in my book.

Find recipes from the evening here and see more photos from the event here.


February 20, 2013
Having spent the better part of the last four days in bed (read: asleep and/or unable to move from fever or general sickness), I'm anxious to be outside again. I miss the sun and crisp air and the ocean. To me, few things are more calming yet evocative as the ocean.

These photos are from a short trip to Sutro with my nephew, who's recently decided to pick up photography. I'm no pro by a long shot, but I love taking him to my favorite places and teaching him what I know.


thumbprint valentines (and potatoes)

February 14, 2013
valentine thumbprint cookies valentine thumbprint cookies valentine thumbprint cookies
Happy Valentine's Day, blogland! Have a cookie. Or a potato.

Thumbprint Valentines
adapted from Simply Recipes

1 cup of butter, room temperature
1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
pinch of salt
2 cups of flour
your favorite jam

Cream butter and sugar together until incorporated. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs, vanilla, and salt. Mix in the flour until just combined. Roll out the dough and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter. Place cut outs on a greased cookie sheet. Press your thumb into the dough (twice) to make a heart, then fill the heart with jam using a spoon. Bake at 350F until golden, about 15 minutes.

Accidentally eat the entire first batch yourself then repeat recipe to share with friends.

paris in san francisco

February 11, 2013
When I can't jet set off to Paris whenever I want, I can find bits of the charming city here in San Francisco. Crissy and I had breakfast at the Hayes Valley La Boulange and sipped cafe au laits from bowls in a quiet, sunny corner of an otherwise busy boulangerie. The soft light and vibrant storefront get me every time. Special thanks to Crissy for being the prettiest model and sweetest friend.

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