apartment living

November 18, 2010
pumpkin seed pesto linguine
1. pumpkin seed pesto
crab quesedilla & homemade guacamole
2. crab quesedillas and fresh guacamole
little japanese desserts
3. adorable, individually packaged japanese desserts
baked cheesy pasta, with shallots and goat cheese
4. baked cheesy pasta,
with shallots, goat cheese, and tapatio
(from the time we had dinner without our table)
pumpkin bars
5. mini pumpkin bars
mushroom risotto
6. shitake and cremini mushroom risotto
(and grilled asparagus)
mondo cupcakes
7. extra large cupcakes, with homemade chocolate ganache

Needless to say, I have been eating well. Fortunately, these are all things I've had over the past month, rather than the past week (which would not be unusual). I love my apartment. I love that all of my roommates and I enjoy cooking and baking and eating. We love the farmers' market and we love cooking with wonderful, fresh ingredients. And we have no fear of carbs (clearly). Starving college student? What's that?

PS- Please excuse the bad lighting in a lot of the photos... our kitchen may be fully functional, but our lighting can be pretty terrible.


  1. it def looks like you have been eating well, i am jealous!

  2. It was a horrible idea to look at this post while being totally hungry....I want to eat every single thing here!!!!

  3. All of that looks delicious! I have horrible lighting in my apartment too and it drives me crazy. Next place: lots of windows!!! (hopefully).

  4. Thank you for making me hungry at 9 am!! I wish I could say I cooked meals like that in college, but alas, mine were MUCH less spectacular. I am definitely going to have to try some of these dishes soon!! :)

  5. I want all of this! I'm usually way too exhausted/broke to pull of such nice meals now a days.. I hope that changes soon!

  6. you take apartment living to a whole new level! wow i am now starving and need carbs. love this!

  7. YUM!! all that looks soooo good.
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left me (we love Chicago & will def have plenty of pizza) x

  8. wow everything looks delicious i want to eat all of it! i wish i ate like this in my apartment!

  9. Yum! I love all those things - but that pesto is singing to me ...and to think when I was in college we ate Ramen noodles, which my children now call salty soup.

  10. i am always looking for ways to incorporate more goat cheese into my life. post the recipes?

  11. wow! i love cooking! when i was in college the first year was rough...making food was new to me bu now i feel like a gourmet chef! hehehehe!


  12. god, you're lucky! I mean, not (only) about all those stuff and food and cupcakes but, u know, everything! following you. xoxo

  13. i would love to spend a day with you, but i mean an entire day! your food always looks so lovely and delicious!

  14. Oh my bloody hell that looks TOO GOOD.

    ahhhhh can't wait for my detox to end.

    P.s I have a new post, too!

  15. This all looks so amazingly delicious!!

  16. Hi, Celeste:

    Ooooh, I'll have this delicious crab quesa + "yummy" fresh guacamole which remind me a lot of Mexico.
    And I'll order the XXL cupcakes... MMMMmmmm.
    I'm starving now...jajaja

    Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.
    Have a nice WE.

  17. mmm this post makes me very very hungry+I'm seriously jealous of those packaged japanese desserts, so cute!

  18. oh my! can i come over for dinner pretty please!