February 20, 2013
Having spent the better part of the last four days in bed (read: asleep and/or unable to move from fever or general sickness), I'm anxious to be outside again. I miss the sun and crisp air and the ocean. To me, few things are more calming yet evocative as the ocean.

These photos are from a short trip to Sutro with my nephew, who's recently decided to pick up photography. I'm no pro by a long shot, but I love taking him to my favorite places and teaching him what I know.



  1. Next time u feel something coming on, pop a zinc tablet!. Seriously, it works.. it will boost your immune system.. that and honey-lemon tea helps. Love your photos, I can definitely feel that sea breeze.

  2. Beautiful photos, Celeste. You can definitely be a pro, no doubt. I love the water hitting the rocks, there's something peaceful and serene about it...


  3. they are great photos! i always look forward to being sick so i can rest...but then i hate being sick, ha :)

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