March 4, 2013
In November, David and I went to Tiergartenquelle for our last night in Berlin. It was recommended by a friend as "very German" but with "American-sized portions" (which I still giggle at whenever I remember). For the record, he was right: the portions were enormous (and delicious).

Beyond portion sizes, I loved this place for its charm and warmth. It's located directly underneath the S-Bahn so while you're eating, you can hear and feel the train come and go overhead. I suppose this might be unnerving for some but I found it comforting. I can't explain it. That, along with communal seating, dim lights, and sitting across from one of my favorite people made for a lovely last evening.

I miss Europe.

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  1. I miss Europe too...and we loved Berlin as well (although it was so very cold while we were there). Such a cool city!

  2. Good times! I went to a very authentic spot in Munich about 5 years back. It was amazing. Huge pretzels, sausages, BEER!!! I love Germany!

  3. ooo this is a great tip for a restaurant!