vegan cooking class for pause & shine

February 27, 2013
IMG_2920 IMG_2963 ladies IMG_2977 IMG_3004 linda IMG_3051 IMG_3023
Pause & Shine hosted a vegan and gluten-free cooking class with Chef Linda Tay Esposito via Kitchit for a small group of women about a week ago. I, personally, was delighted that although the menu was completely vegan, it was also completely nut-free (I'm allergic and most vegan versions of dishes use nuts as substitutes).

Chef Linda created a delectable pan-Asian menu which we then prepared and cooked before eating together at a long, candle-lit table. An ideal Thursday evening in my book.

Find recipes from the evening here and see more photos from the event here.


  1. ahhh black and white dinner party photography, you steal my heart! the recipes look so nothing i've ever tried before even though i've done quite a bit of vegan cooking! definitely going to try that sichuan dressing with yuba noodles, yum!!

  2. ooooooooy awayh. ooooooooooooooooooooh. anything good?