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October 24, 2012
roses joanna spoons salt & straw hydrangeas japanese garden
Having been to Portland three times in the past few months, I've developed a real soft spot for the place. It might have been the unusually longer summer; it might not have been. But when you start dreaming of lavender-honey ice cream and hydrangeas are your favorite flowers in the Rose Garden, you know something's up.


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  2. ohhh
    it's lovely you are in spring already! what a lovely weather!!!!
    In spain we are in autumn!!! cold cold... brrrrr

  3. Ohhhh I do like Portland. Pretty photos!

  4. Ohhh I feel you. I live in SF too but I consider Portland my second home (maybe even my first home one day). Isn't it heavenly?

  5. Celeste, as soon as I saw those roses I KNEW this was Portland. Seeing these really made me miss home (in a good way.)