the world's longest exposure

May 20, 2010
david has been really into stumbleupon lately
so while i'm attempting to write one my tutorial papers
he sends me links like this, this, this and photos sometimes like this:

my favorite link that he's sent so far has been this:

the world's longest exposure photo,
taken for 6 months.
it was taken from dec 19, 2007 to june 21, 2008
from the winter to summer solstices
and the lines mark the sun's travel
it's so beautiful.
you can read the story behind it here


  1. wow. this is amazing. and i love your new banner!

  2. thanks elizabeth! i literally just made it hahaha :)

  3. that is beautiful, what an amazing find

  4. Stumbleupon is unfortunately way too addictive. I have wasted so much time on it. BUT - totally worth it when you find those treasures like the one above! That picture is amazing!