the perks of being a florentine {pisa}

February 28, 2010
i think that one of the best parts about being in florence is that it's so central that it's possible to travel a lot and still experience florence itself. last tuesday i got up early for a doctor's appointment, wandered around florence to find souvenirs for my family back home, left for pisa around noon and was back in time for dinner.

going east, back to florence

going west

dear ol' giuseppe, per usual

a reference for its crookedness

the duomo and the baptistry

campostano cemetery

the baptistry

campo dei miracoli
or, field of miracles

i really love taking advantage of how close florence is to most everything.
take the train an hour or two west, and hit the mediterranean.
ride north, and find bologna and other lovely northern cities.
head south to find the loveliest hill towns.
or, head east through the mountains and
before you know it you'll hit the adriatic.

i feel like i'm getting such a well-rounded feel of
first and foremost, florentine life;
but after that- italian culture.
italy is so diverse.
it has so much to offer and no matter where i go
there are endless amounts of wonderful things to discover.

and just from florence,
unless you take a long weekend trip way down south or way up north,
everything is close enough to visit and still come home at night.
that's right: "home."


  1. the pictures are beautiful :D

  2. love this! i just learned about the doors to the baptistry in my art history class. it must be amazing to really be there! hopefully ill be able to visit soon :)

  3. If you get the chance, you MUST travel to Cinque Terre. It's about 2 hours west of Florence. The villages are quaint and beautiful, and the hike through the 5 of them is absolutely breathtaking.

  4. alex- i'm planning on going in two weeks! i've heard it's beautiful so i'm pretty excited about the trip (:

  5. These are BEAUTIFUL (as always). I'm so glad you take so many pictures so that I can live vicariously through you- the last time I was there, I was only 2!

  6. I like "going east" and "going west" most.

  7. Oh My God!
    You know, I really want to go to PISA!
    I'm so jealous with you but all of your photos was so nice and make me more jealous and again again again again lol