February 27, 2010
for those of you who don't know,
classical studies is one of my majors.
so, really ancient things are extremely exciting to me.
hence, pompeii (:

i would like to start out by saying that when we first got there early in the morning,
it was pouring rain for the first two hours.
and i forgot any umbrealla.
so i tried to cover my head with my scarf... which you can see was very effective.

first view of the town

one of my few successful photos during the rain

the little theatre
this seemed like a mini version of epidarous

where the town used to do laundry

typical street

in the amphitheater!
the acoustics were amazing, naturally

finally! the rain stopped and the sun came out to play

a bed...
in the brothel.

i have many photos from this,
but they are actually very inappropriate.

let's just say that the pompeiins...
added paintings.

pompeiin fast food
(it wasn't common to cook in their tiny houses
so they'd go to easy food stores, which would have
ready-to-eat things in those holes)

just a small glimpse of
the remains preserved by the ashes

the forum with vesuvius in the back

one of the most interesting archaeological sites i've ever been to!


  1. wow! that seems like such an awesome experience!

  2. the preserved remains look incredible. you are living the life!

  3. i am so jealous!!! asdfghjkl

  4. I wanted to go here ever since we studied it in ms. cortes' class. :)