happy march

March 1, 2010
and i mean, happy.

i've never been a fan of new year's resolutions- for me, it's a little overwhelming to make such a big change for the span of a year. i like small, progressive steps. so i think i'm going to start having monthly resolutions. some small, little goals (because it always feels good to check things off of lists) and then some bigger, more personal resolutions. care to join?

my little goals for march are:

1. go inside the santa maria novella church.
i've only been living 2 seconds away from it for the past 2 months.
2. go to the academia and the bargello museums.
3. climb to the top of the duomo on a sunny day.
4. go to dante's house.
5. find appropriate presents for family and friends.

my one, personal resolution:

not to let others' decisions affect my happiness

i naturally invest a lot of myself into other people
which sometimes backfires because i then hold them to a certain standard
(which is both unfair to them and to me).
this month (and hopefully long after), i'd like to be happy
as long as the people i care about are happy.
they may make decisions that i personally would not choose,
but we aren't the same people.
{i struggle with this often}

i unfortunately don't remember where i read this earlier this week, but,
"for every 60 seconds you spend angry,
you lose a minute of happiness"

i just have to keep that in mind.
. . .
{photo via anneacaso}


  1. hooray for march!!
    such good goals!

  2. awe, great goal list, and i completely agree with the quote.

  3. love this! i hope you have a wonderful march and your package will be on its way soon :D

  4. Hi Celeste!
    Thanks SO MUCH for visiting my blog and commenting. First comment ever! Totally made my day!
    Your site is really neat- happy and cute and fun, and I've definitely bookmarked it so I may just end up stalking you now.
    Italy? That's crazy. Make the most of it, girl!


  5. I do the same thing. I'm working on it also :)