for today

November 22, 2012
I can hardly believe it's this time of year again. I love it, but I can hardly believe it.

It's always around this time I think about how I've grown-- if at all-- and what's next.

I don't know what's next, but I know what's now:

The way daylight seems more precious, now that we're heading into the colder months. An arm, a chest, a shoulder to lean on for no reason other than that it's yours to do so. Having lived enough (not a lot, but enough) that any place is familiar, recognizable, and witness to the you you used to be and you you now are. Traveling halfway across the world but always having a family to come home to.

Most of all, having a heart that feels all of this and fills to the brim, only to overflow in a subtle yet continuous pitter-patter of "thank you"s in response.