mindy's hot chocolate

September 6, 2012
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I popped into Mindy's on a whim while I was killing time in Wicker Park. The kitchen was still prepping and the entire place felt empty because of it. I sat back and waited, half enjoying the uniformity of the tables and half wondering how good my mint chocolate shake would be.

I can't say much for the menu since I was in and out, but the simplicity and design of the space clearly left an impression.

(For the record, the shake and cookies were amazing. And their head pastry chef is a James Beard Award winner.)



  1. These are GREAT photos and I they make me want to visit this place immediately! Too bad I live far away! Love seeing photos of your adventures!

  2. Looks like a sweet place to be!

  3. Love the lines, the wood tones, the white ... it would have left an impression on me too.