boulange brunch

June 27, 2012

The college roommate gods were good to me. My freshmen year I found myself sharing a room with a pretty girl who owned more earrings than anyone else I know (and my mom owns a lot).


Then, two years later, I walked up a crooked staircase (in a crooked house) to find the same sweet girl was to be my roommate in Oxford.

Within the first day there, Hiyabel brought another friend into our room who chattered non-stop in the prettiest Spanish accent you've ever heard.

smoked salmon lau

And now, a year after college, these are the girls I can't wait to see when we're all in town. We make plans to travel the world together, find Laura her prince, and pick up right where we left off.


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  1. Aweeeeeeee!!!!! I'm in the library reading this and can't stop grinning!!! I'm in *love* with this post! I'm so happy we still get to see each other!!! tanti baci <3 <3