best coast

June 18, 2012
big sur

For years I'd go on and on about how beautiful the drive from San Francisco to Santa Cruz was along
Highway 1.

And then I went a little further south, along Big Sur, to find some of the most breathtaking views I'd ever seen.

Best coast, indeed.


  1. Niiiiiiiice.

    I'm saying the same for the ridiculously gorgeous Great Ocean Road here in Victoria, Australia. I've driven down it, oh I don't know, a GAZILLION TIMES?!


    But seriously, it's such an awe-inspiring 243km stretch of winding road...ahhhh!

    Plus there's nothing quite like having virtually uninterrupted ocean views. SCORE!

  2. i did this drive with The Boy two summers ago, but in the other direction, from San Diego up to San Francisco. It was absolutely incredible...did you get over to the Bixby Canyon Bridge?

    1. We did! Unfortunately I was so busy taking photos of my nieces that I didn't get many of the bridge itself. I'll have to see if I can go all the way to San Diego next time!

  3. oh my gosh, this looks unreal! can't imagine just waking up to a kind of view like that :)

  4. oh my goodness! What a gorgeous location!

  5. This is so the idea of a best coast....

  6. i seriously want to get out that way purely for views like this. i have spent too little time on the west coast i think!

  7. beautiful photos, the view is amazing!