hackairthon | bakeathon

March 13, 2012

A few weekends ago, the Airbnb engineering/product teams had their first official hackathon (or in this case, hackairthon), creating new projects from 6pm until 6am the next morning (in this amazing house).

I knew I wanted to be part of this but since I can barely manage my own HTML, I had to find a way outside the engineering the world to contribute.

Enter: baked goods.

In the midst of this hackairthon, I held my own bakeathon. I was only there from 9pm - 2am, but managed to make M&M cookies, vegan pumpkin brownies, funfetti cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting, and this avocado chocolate cake. I was channeling my Stevenson glory days.

Oh, and just as I was pulling the last two items from the oven, a Mariachi band came to play in the middle of the night.

I really love being part of this community.

Photos by Christopher Lin, compiled by me


  1. it must be so neat to work with such creatives!

  2. Seriously, this sounds like the most awesome company to work for!!!!

  3. So random and so awesome! If you ever need a baking or picture taking partner let me know!

  4. mmm I'm sure that sugar high helped to keep them typing away until the wee hours. You're a champ!! And I miss your avocado chocolate cake!!

  5. Great photos! Cool bubbles!

  6. That seem so incredibly nerdy in the most faboulous way!

  7. What a cool idea! The mariachi band looks epic :)

  8. This is a cool idea! ...... Since it's 2014 now, so I am late for like 2 years, do you guys still do it?

    1. I am so sorry! I'm just seeing this now-- I think Airbnb engineers still do this; maybe once or twice a year :)