the coffee house

November 29, 2011
When I first started this blog I worked at a coffee house on campus, but never wrote about it. I should have-- it's made a big impact. Stevenson is the reason I started baking. It's where I discovered Smitten Kitchen and where I started experimenting to make things like pumpkin roll cakes and chouquettes. Toward the end of the year I worked more shifts as a baker than as a barista.
matt and april
But even more than baking, the coffee house was like another home. My coworkers were like my Santa Cruz family that I baked too many things for. We had our own little staff table with notes and funny quotes just for us.
nice things
at first glance, i thought it was the moon
matt and camille
home in the kitchen
I still remember my first bake shift. I was nervous. Lily (a seasoned veteran) showed me around and taught me the ways of the small kitchen. (The oven had to be kept at 350, everything baked twice as fast, wear gloves when making fudgies.) I distinctly remember her pulling out the heavy, gray oven mitts and saying that their "home" was on top of the spices. They belong there.
a secret
the famous fudgie
I got to go back last week to meet Camille there. We both have graduated and being there was bittersweet because it was our coffee house but not our coffee house anymore.

I had my first-ever coffee house coffee (I didn't drink a drop while I was in college).
I indulged in Stevenson's world-famous Santa Cruz-famous fudgie.
I shared a new recipe with a new baker.
And I took photos that were long overdue.

Thankfully, my former coworkers Matt and April were still working there and made it feel a little bit more like home.


  1. these photos are lovely! I love coffeehouses.

  2. it's always good to go home, isn't it? and glad they started you baking :) you seem to love it :)

  3. what in the world is a fudgie? it sounds delicious.

  4. Oh dear! I can't believe I didn't explain. Basically:

    bits of oatmeal cookie dough on top of a thick layer of fudge on top of a layer of oatmeal cookie dough.

    they. are. delicious.

  5. Not one cup of coffee while in college? Impressive. (as I chug coffee and avoid studying for finals)

  6. thrilled you found me so that I could find you! I love everything about this post, but mostly I want that cup of whatever that is on my desk. Like, now.

  7. sounds like such a fun job! baking in general is just so much fun!

  8. Thanks for your comment on our post on Lacey's blog :) Love your blog layout!!

    M x

  9. I NEED that fudge in my life!

  10. Is it awkward that my mouth is totally watering and craving some luscious caffeinated beverage with whipped cream right now? Probably.

    And I beg to differ. Once your coffee house, ALWAYS your coffee house. You just choose to lend it to others for a while, ya know?

  11. This made my heart ache! In the great way. I miss the coffeehouse every day and it was such a treat to check your blog and see photos of a place that I love with people I love in it! And the girl above me is right, once your coffeehouse, always your coffeehouse :)