pulido's tailor

January 10, 2012
uncle oscar
pins and needles
uncle oscar
the singer
the blue singer
cutting my pants
the work table

This is one of my childhood hang out spots. For the past (at least) 17 years, my mom has worked as a part time seamstress at my Uncle* Oscar's alteration shop. I used to come with her on weekends and sit at the front desk doing anything and everything to entertain myself: ring up customers, play with the "PAID" and "RUSH" stamps, practice my stitching on fabric scraps.

Once I started high school and then left for college, I didn't stop by as much. But other than the newly painted yellow walls, that gap hasn't changed much. The clothes are still hung with the same hangers in the same system, my uncle will unfailing always offer me something to eat upon arrival and the hum of sewing machines can always be heard among the Enrique Iglesias playing in the background.

It was a weird place to grow up but it's still a home.

*We're not actually blood relatives in any way but he's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember so he'll always be my uncle.


  1. Lovely post.
    I love this thought: "It was a weird place to grow up but it's still a home." The place looks interesting and it seems to have warmth and charm. :)

  2. can I just tell you how beautiful your pictures are?

  3. I definitely get u on the 'uncle' thing...I think its pretty common w/Asian folk.. I was told that its a sign of respect.. I have a lot of distant cousins that I was taught to call 'aunt' or 'uncle'... also if we were just close, they were family....great photos - love the up close one of the hands holding the clothing down.

  4. i would love to have hung out there growing up. what a cool sewing machine.

  5. Lovely sewing machine!

  6. yes! same with hispanics, we call close family friends uncles/aunties! :).

    and awwww enrique iglesias in the background--he's half filipino, you know! :)

  7. this is pretty,my mom worked in a similar place when i was little and i loved to see the fabrics and how she changed a piece of fabric in a hole new dress or skirt, it was magical, and sometimes she still sew for me :)

  8. Beautiful, interesting post!! Your photographs are stunning. I love this…"It was a weird place to grow up but it's still a home." -- so lovely and true.