home life

January 9, 2012
breakfast in bed
the pier
avocado on rye

First, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind notes on my last post. The general consensus was that this is just a weird time most people have to get through-- not a reflection of your character or who you are. It was a much-needed reminder. Thank you, thank you.

After all of those kind words, I really tried to focus on the simple, everyday things that bring joy. I mean, I try to have that perspective on a daily basis, but this weekend it was a priority.

I went to bed when I wanted. I woke up when my body was ready. And then I had breakfast on my nightstand, alternating between Dreadfully Ever After and Gilmore Girls reruns. I hung out at my uncle's tailor shop without ever checking the time. I ran errands, took a quick trip to the pier and then had a coffee-less coffee date.

I embraced the life of the unemployed.

PS - Did you see my guest post about Lake Como and the Alps over at Alex's? Talk about embracing life.


  1. like my friend cristopher calls it, FUNemployment.

  2. wow. Your home life is pretty darn beautiful.

  3. Great photos! and enjoy being unemployed for a little bit. it doesn't hurt to take a mini vacation :]

  4. sometimes embracing the life of the unemployed is all that you can do! until, you know, you have to/get to be employed again. :)

  5. I'm in love with your photos and your blog!