January 6, 2012
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Lately, I've been waiting for the call. The email. The anything.

I scroll through website after website wondering if maybe this job is the one. If future me will look back on this moment and say, "If only you knew then what clicking on this link would lead to." But it's not the one. "It" isn't anything, actually. And it hasn't happened.

You guys, this job search is eating away at my soul.

I've never seen myself as someone who likes to boast about their accomplishments. I like to let my work speak for itself. But these dozens of cover letters, these resume revisions, these interviews are wearing me down. I know that it's a tough market and those dozens of interviews-past "just weren't meant to be," but each unanswered application and each interview I hear nothing from is like another blow to the ego.

So I wanted to reach out to blogland and ask if anyone could share... well, anything. How you transitioned to this awful thing called "adulthood." How you found your job.(If you know of any editorial positions in the Bay Area anywhere).

Or just a little story to remind me that one day I will look back on this time and laugh because it'll all have been worth it.


  1. Ive been there just 18 months ago and I absolutely know how you feel. Dont give up though! The perfect job is out there waiting for you. So make the click! :)

    Happy new year. Everything will be good.


  2. ugh I'm so sorry. I know it's tough out there right now. Hope something works out soon!

  3. I know your pain, and I know there's mmtggmgtg can say to help you feel better, but I really hope things perk up soon. At least you have your health and happiness onside. I'll probably be in the same situation in a few months again... we'll both fine, hopefully.

  4. i was very lucky that in the US i got every job i ever applied for. my last job was incredible...i traveled internationally and did what i loved and worked with people i loved.

    after moving to norway and quitting my job, i havent had any luck finding a job. its quite a humbling experience and im still trying to gather myself for i feel it was a slap in the face thinking id obtain a job so easily. apparently not knowing the language completely fluently is kicking my butt...

    my advice for you is to NETWORK. which im sure youre already doing. i found my last job just through someone i already knew and applied and was hired the same day i interviewed. i also think being proactive helps. my dad always told me to find my perfect job (for me it was working at nike in global marketing) and send them letters twice a year letting them know you desire to work there and when a position opens what you can bring to the table. i never did it more than once unfortunately because my last job kept me too busy, but i think by sending proactive letters to people it helps...regardless of whether or not they have positions open.

    i have applied for around 100+ jobs here in norway and had one real interview...and it was from a proactive letter i sent a company. they hired me (it didnt work out from my end), but they didnt truly have positions open...they just interviewed because they were secretly expanding and were going to hire soon.

    ok im sorry for the novel. good luck on everything! cant wait to hear some updates!

  5. and me both. It's tough out there. I've been trying to get an editorial job for ages (although, admittedly the last year I was on a "break" from the search). I'm in a non-editorial job (to pay the bills) now, but eventually would like to head back into the field I'm more familiar with.

    All I can give you is the advice that I give myself - constantly tweak and tailor your resume/cover letter for each position. Have a little patience. Smile. Firm handshake. And really WANT the job. It'll show.

  6. hang in there! i graduated almost four years ago and have been transitioning through jobs that were fun, but not what i want to be doing long-term. finally this week, i got offered a job with a company whose mission i am passionate about and i FINALLY feel like i'm on the career path i envisioned for myself! it's frustrating to be wandering (often aimlessly), but it will happen eventually!

    plus: those times when your career isn't what you want it to be are the perfect time to focus on other parts of your life, like travel, relationships, and painting every room in your apartment. :)

  7. Hang in there chickee

  8. I too am sorry! That sucks :( I'm just starting to poke around for teaching jobs for next year, and I know there's not much available. So we might be in the same baot! Hope something turns up soon!!!

  9. "all good things come to those that wait"... there is a reason, Celeste.... whether its a life lesson, test for endurance, who knows... and yes, u will look back and laugh- we all look back and laugh at what we ruminated over...:-)

  10. Was just thinking about you a little more and I thought I'd pass on something that happened to an accquiantance (absolutely not saying this is the case, just throwing it out there :).

    This guy I sort of know was applying to all these jobs, not even getting interviews - he was getting really depressed. Someone suggested he maybe had a bad reference, so he got a friend to phone his references pretending to be a prospective employee! Sure enough, one of his references was saying awful things about him :(

    So just throwing it out there - might be worth looking in to??

  11. Aw, darling. Don't worry about it. I was there. Twice, actually. When I was trying to get a job while still in school and when I was let go last year due to the economy. You will find something good. Maybe not something that will last forever, but something that will tide you over and help you learn and grow. Trust me! Hugs!

  12. I'm sure something will rise soon. Don't worry. Good comes to those who wait :]

    Lovely photo <3

  13. I'm totally in your position, except I'm 27 and moved from Canada to Nevada and can't seem to get anyone to hire me. I totally feel your pain and hope that we both have some good opportunities over the horizon!

  14. i'd hire you...if i were an employer. seriously!

  15. Oh, I still have those moments where I think, "This whole adulthood thing isn't all it's cracked up to be." Especially when I pursue something that turns out not to be what I wanted at all.

    I think if you try to focus on the really good things in your life, the tough things (like looking for a job) start to matter a little less. It's like looking at things from a different perspective. It's hard to do, but it can make the everyday stuff a little easier. Good luck!

  16. Okay I have been where you are and can completely empathize. The summer after I graduated I did nothing but send out resumes and applications. I got one interview out of 50+ apps; not a great ratio. I have stopped trying (grad school was not part of my original plan but since the job search wasn't happening) but am now look at more internships. As a former intern yourself, I'm sure you can sense the excitment (i.e. sarcasm) here. I guess we can only just hope that when the time is right that things will work out. Still you seem very talented and I'm sure you will find something great (and hopefully soon)!

  17. Can't offer you much advice. I'm still freaking out about making that transition, and it's still 1.5 years away. The job market is bad, but there is definitely SOMETHING out there for you. And even if you get a job you aren't completely happy with, take it, because you never know where opportunities will pop up.

  18. BEEN THERE!! Do not take it personal! There are so many people looking for jobs. Just remember that every time you click, hundreds of other people are clicking too. It is a lot for employers to sift through. Just keep trying and eventually you will get your chance.

  19. Good things happen when you are not expecting them. I never had a job before the one that i have now, and i've been here for 7 years now. I remember that when i finished college i wanted to work in a museum or a similar place, quiet, and with a lot of art and beautiful things.
    One day my mom told me that her boss wanted to talk to me for a position as librarian. At first i wasn't so sure since working in a high school was not in my plans, still i went to the interview, and there's not a single day that i'm not grateful for my job. I'm a librarian and a teacher too, and i love to work with this kids who always amazes me with their ideas, and trust me with their problems.
    Keep holding up, and don't be sad, because sooner than you expect you're going to find a wonderful job that make you happy

  20. I wish I had some words of encouragement, but unfortunately I'm kind of in the same boat. Good luck with your search!

  21. i freaked out a bit when i graduated, i thought i was ready but it was such a shock but now everything is cool. it takes getting used to and it feels great to be an adult :)

  22. I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't really. All I can say is hang in there, you will find something. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but you will. This is just part of the journey... an annoying part, but a part nonetheless.
    Saw you over on Mutual Weirdness and thought I'd pop by and say hi... HI!
    And keep your chin up... it all works out in the end :-)

  23. i know how you feel.. i graduated college as the economy was declining and felt lucky to get a job almost right after. however, they had to let me go after 3 months because they had no money. which led to six months of unemployment and me feeling exactly like you do now. the good news is.. you won't be jobless forever! :) try to look at the big picture and know that this slump will pass, i promise! and use this time to do things you won't be able to once you're working full time. enjoy relaxing (even though it's stressful not working). read books & have coffee dates & see your friends often. your time will come! :)

    xo sarah

  24. I only just saw this, so sorry for the late reply.

    I've been looking for a new job and there is nothing. I was hugely lucky to get the job I have now but they thought I was inexperienced so paid me about £5000 less than they advertised it for which I didn't mind at the time... but 3 years experience(!) later, only a £500 raise and no prospects for the future and I'm a bit depressed about it all...

    Thomas has been searching for a better job for even longer, he spent two years as a Temp and even though he has a good enough job now, it's not what he wants to do and it doesn't make him happy at all.

    My advice is, don't take it to heart - it sounds cliche, but right now, with the global economy, it's not you - it's the market, things are hard, you're not alone and things will get better - they have to, or we are all seriously f*cked.

    We'll look back and laugh when we finally have a nice cup fo tea and take some photos together :)

  25. I am 25, have been out of college almost three years now, and I am still not THERE. So you're not alone!! That place after graduation and becoming a "real adult" is ever-transitioning, I feel. Sometimes I feel like I'm still just a kid. On days when I'm writing a hefty rent check, I feel older. It's weird, and I'm not sure when I'll ever feel fully grown up. But I know you are a talented woman, and you WILL get there!