May 23, 2011
funny face
thyme garden
petals at david's doorstep
vanilla shake + trivia
window decorations
mini chess
white fences
It's always so good to spend a weekend in Santa Cruz. After a crazy week and another crazy week to come, I couldn't have been happier with the perfect weather and time with David.

Within minutes of arriving on Friday, we went to David's neighbor's for a fresh crab dinner, complete with lemon butter and No Strings Attached. We went to see more friends and played a fun game called Bang, which has instructions in Italian on every card. Even though it was past midnight when we left, when I spotted a big beautiful moon I decided to chase it to take some photos for my photography class. Sweet David came with me and made sure I was okay as I stood at the Capitola beach cliffs at 2 am waiting for the moon to come out from behind the clouds.

Then it was long naps, neighborhood yard sales (2 blouses and one dress for $11 total!), late nights with friends, and Sunday brunch. I'm already counting down to next weekend.

PS- The first photo is from watching Funny Face at the Stanford Theater before I went to Santa Cruz. After watching the film on VHS dozens and dozens of times while growing up, I didn't think it was possible to find new ways to love the movie-- but on the big screen, anything is possible.

PPS- Is it me, or did Michael Jackson totally rip some of his moves and wardrobe from Audrey's dance scene in the Parisian cafe?


  1. I bought Funny Face months ago from ebay and have been dying to watch it - finally got time yesterday and was greeted by an error message telling me that it was the wrong region! Damn!
    Watching the moon at 2am on some cliffs sounds amazing - santa cruz is so pretty :) x

  2. the big screen makes every movie more magical! i would love to see that in the big screen one day! i need to go to santa cruz again, i miss it so! we used to go there every weekend and go surfing! aaahh...how i miss the water! i love that picture of your sandals! what a great shot and the last of the cherry blossoms!


  3. In love with the photos!!! especially the first few :)

  4. One thing I must have, when I decide where I want to live in my real adult life, is a movie theater that plays classics like Funny Face.
    Sounds like an amazing weekend. Good luck in your crazy week!

  5. love the theater sign and whatever that yummy goodness of a milk-shake looking thing is!