montepulciano (aka new moon's volterra)

May 19, 2011
new moon
hill towns
city center
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Among my last few days in Florence, my language partner, Giacomo, and I took a day trip to some of the tiny little Tuscan hill towns. After seeing beauties like San Gimignano and Siena, Montepulciano and Pienza were also on my list. Of course, as you can tell, there were other motives for wanting to go to Montepulciano.

For some reason, the directors of New Moon decided to use Montepulciano as Volterra (instead of the real Volterra) and it was really strange to think that a multi-million dollar film was made in the tiny, deserted town we visited. And as excited as I was to be there because I like Twilight (I'm not obsessed), the town was gorgeous and charming on its own.

Snow-capped fields in the distance, steep hills reminiscent of San Francisco, and a cute little lunch in a tiny restaurant near the main piazza. Even more than that, I loved that I got to visit the town with Giacomo. It takes a lot of patience to travel with me (I like to stop and take photos too much) but it was the perfect trip together after fortuitously meeting through a language-partner exchange. Grazie mille, Giacomo! Mi manchi!

PS - This post is also dedicated to my sister, who shamelessly indulges in this series with me, and who just got her U.S. Citizenship yesterday! (Congrats Ate! Love you).


  1. how funny! i'm sending this post to my sister, who is also shamelessly obsessed.

  2. Not a fan of Twilight (except in the academic sense, where we can get all theoretical about it), but this is gorgeous! Man, I feel I missed out by not doing any student exchanges, but oh well. My time will come and I'll get to visit these places :)

  3. that looks so beautiful, might have to put it on my travel list yah?

  4. who doesn't love this series! oh man i got sooo lost in this books, a great story! too bad the movies aren't as good but the boys are good to look at! hehe


  5. lovely photos. I'm feeling the wanderlust, but since i'm heading to Milan in 2 weeks I'll get to satisfy it soon enough!

    I am now wishing we would have gotten to visit Montepulciano. We got to Siena and San Gimignano on our honeymoon, but there are so many other towns to see!

  6. Yes! Lovely photos. Oh, I miss Italy.

  7. that last photo is great!

  8. what a beautiful place. it does look a little like the hills of the bay area! and congrats to your sister!!

  9. hey Celeste, do you have a button for your blog?

    P.S I'm following you on twitter :)

  10. I think your blog is amazing! I love coming here and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Awards :)

  11. so funny! i just watched new moon the other night....accidentally, or something. ;)

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