sunday brunch

May 24, 2011
whole grain banana pancakes
fucking fantastic
tristan's pop-overs
full house
Sunday brunch with the busiest kitchen and a fun mix of different foods. When my friend Carol invited us to brunch, I had no idea that it would consist of 10-15 people in one kitchen all working on different things. It was hectic but it was so funny to witness and be apart of. I worked on scrambled eggs while Carol made pancakes while Tristan made pop-overs while Jeff made Gerald's "fucking fantastic french toast" (see above). And so on. In addition we had fresh fruit, pita and garlic hummus, and potato pancakes. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a lot, too.

Usually, this kind of chaos can be overwhelming but on Sunday it just made me laugh.


  1. how fun! what are those muffins?? yumm!

  2. this confirms it.
    i should've gone to stanford.
    to meet people like you and have brunches like this.

  3. How about posting the 'fucking, fantastic french toast' recipe? usually chaos produces some great stuff. There is a method to madness, u know!. :-)

  4. Ditto above about the "fucking fantastic french toast." The name was enough to pique my interest! Plus, I mean, French toast is a win at any time. Seriously, you always go to the BEST brunches!

  5. I would feel claustrophobic in a kitchen with 10-15 people! the photos look lovely as always :)

  6. P.S thank god it's an opened spaced kitchen!

  7. This is awesome, those are great pictures, thanks for joining us! I hope we can do it again sometime, maybe with less people in the kitchen so It's not so hot in there, cause then we'll all have to take off our clothes...haha Thanks again for helping out and for taking beautiful pictures!

  8. Wow, healthy and refreshing!
    Absolutely fantastic!

  9. wow that's a crazy number of people in the kitchen! but brunch is always fun with friends (:

  10. oh my this food looks so yummy.

    Helen, X