monaco dreams

March 18, 2011
During one of my days in Nice, I took the quick train ride along the French Riviera to Monaco to spend a day there-- I was ready to visit little shops, enjoy the sunlit coastal views, and get my passport stamped. Even though I was traveling alone, this faux-itinerary seemed like the ideal way to experience the little country.
flowers and gates
along the riviera
And when I got there everything was closed. I didn't realize that on Sundays, everything (including the casino where they stamp your passport) is closed. To top it off it was overcast. Knowing absolutely no French, I was left to exploring the city by foot and trying to make the best of my day despite the mini setbacks.
neighborhood sites
big names in a small country
tulip heaven
a flower market
These past few days have felt a lot like Monaco-- and to be honest the next few days don't seem likely to brighten up. In fact, March has been pretty dreary and it's only half-way over. I'm back to traveling alone in a foreign country with nothing seeming to go right.

But today-- a year later-- Monaco seems different. As I went through the photos to put this post together I realized that Monaco wasn't a bust at all. Sure, it didn't work out the way I'd planned but just being there was beautiful on its own. The luxurious streets, the tiny markets, and the abundance of tulips really made the day trip memorable. Now, if I can just find those kinds of little treasures, March might become my own little Monaco.


  1. I love Monaco - and it seems like you went at the right time. All that color!

  2. oh monaco is so gorgeous, lovely photos x

  3. although everything was closed (something that would indeed happen to me too!) you still got some amazing photos! the tulips one is my favorite. and I agree, March has been blegh, especially with all the tragedy and strife all over the world, it makes it hard to be like "yeeaaaaah March!!!!" :(

  4. i also hopped over to monaco when i was in nice a while back. so gorgeous. but i don't know if back then i really appreciated beautiful places like that as much as i should have.

  5. It's amazing that you captured the natural beauty and found hidden treasures. I like to do that whever I go. It shows a higher level of appreciation for things that many people over look.

  6. oh that's a really beautiful life lesson - that what feels disappointing in the moment can still be a treasured experience when we look back. and i wonder what kinds of things are really a treasure in my life right now that i'm just not looking in the right way. thanks for this!

  7. Such a gorgeous city!
    When I went to school in Paris and Florence, I traveled everywhere just like you. These photos brought back great memories!

    ps I tagged you over at my blog!

  8. It's so lovely there! i love the red mail box :]