March 21, 2011
the kitchen at home
homemade pizza
classic raine
breakfast on a stormy night
pacifica (my hometown)
After extra long hours at work last week I was so thankful for the weekend. Lots of family (with homemade pizza and pancake dinners), a strange balance of storms and sunshine, and my first shopping trip of the new year.

That's right. For some bizarre reason I haven't made any superfluous purchases since December and I certainly made up for it this weekend. I also painted my nails for the first time in more than a year. I'm not quite sure what's become of me but it's nice to do something new once in a while. Of course the old will always hold a dear place in my heart: staying up too late, parading around in rain boots, and television marathons* are my specialties. I love being home.

*Especially Harry Potter ones.


  1. lovely photos, those pizzas look yummy!!! x

  2. oh my, this makes me miss my cousins so much!

  3. ah! that pizza looks sooo good :) mmm

    i haven't been shopping in quite the little amount of time too. i miss it but you kinda get used to it. i used to shop far too often. kinda nice having...you know.. money to spend sometimes. haha at least that's what i've found.

    ps. harry potter is soo great. even the movies :)

  4. What a beautiful home town!!

  5. The first and third photos are marvelous! your nieces face is priceless!

  6. ahahaha i love the picture in front of the world map. is that a reference to mr. wes anderson?!
    adore this, as usual :)

  7. Haha no, my nephew just put that hat on so I asked him to stand in front of the map in his room for the photo :)