nice for the weekend

September 18, 2010
a crooked view from the train
After leaving Florence and before meeting David in Paris, I took a (slow) train to Nice to stop somewhere half way. Looking back now, I still can't believe that I went to the French Riviera, and have little to show except these overcast pictures. It was still early March when I went so the weather wasn't its sunniest. I was by myself for the first time outside of Italy and a little scared to venture too far out on my own (though I did go to Monaco!) Revisiting these photos only makes me wish I had spent more time in the beautiful region to explore more of the Côte d'Azur with all of its sun, shining blue water and charm. I guess I'll just have to go back ;)
antiques in nice
art on the street
old buildings in the historic center
the view from here


  1. I love your pictures ;)

    Although I'm living in Europe, I've never been to Paris. Most of all I travel to the UK. Last months I was lucky enough to take a short trip to Yorkshire. I will post the pictures in the next days.

    I'm living in Dortmund, in an agglomeration that is called Ruhrarea. Cologne is 80 km from here. Where have you been in Germany?

    xo, Mel

  2. It's so beautiful out there. I heard as much from Tartera, but to be able to see more than one picture of it, awesome.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! The last one especially...what an amazing view. The fact that it was overcast makes them look a so dreamy!

  4. seems like a really lovely place to go to.

  5. it's beautiful. i love the art there.

  6. these are beautiful! i so badly want to go back to florence and take the mister...go to the flea markets!i remember getting a pair of leather gloves there when i was about 11....sigh...i have never been to nice time i go i'll make sure we go there too!


  7. I'm really enjoying living through your travel photographs, i'm anticipating my time in Europe. Hopefully sooner than later. I hope you had a perfect weekend, and thank you so much for your kind words, everything you wrote was sooo true. I really need to blog for myself and not let all the little things get to me. Sometimes my fear of honesty stops me from actually writing a proper blog because I worry about the people reading/judging. eee I hope this makes sense.


  8. I've never been to Nice, but I've spent a little time in Paris and I loved it. I lived in Europe for four years when I was younger, and, your photos make me miss it so much! your blog is lovely, dear!

  9. Love your blog, and thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine. You should definitely go back to the French Riviera - it's where we spent our honeymoon, and it was fabulous!

  10. oh my gosh. i'm even more excited for my trip now.