the list

December 9, 2010
1. Visit all seven continents.
2. Cliff jump.
3. Take photos that I'm proud of.
4. Become fluent in Italian.
5. Have authentic clotting cream and English tea. (and here and here)
6. Travel the world with someone I love.
7. Eat paella in Spain.
8. Eat pizza in Naples.
9. Eat schnitzel in Germany. (and Austria).
10. Eat a baguette in France.
11. Go to one of Mario Batali's restaurants.
12. Introduce my Filipino family to my Italian family.
13. Ride trains all over Europe.
14. Eat gyros in Greece.
15. See and photograph the Northern Lights.
16. And the Southern Lights.
17. Take a photo like this.
18. Make a wish on a "shooting star."
19. See my photos published. (and here).
20. Stand front row at a Paramore concert.
21. Meet Hayley Williams.
22. Get henna in Morocco.
23. Scuba dive.
24. Visit the Sistine Chapel.
25. Make gnocchi.
26. Record a video of singing and ukulele playing.
27. Visit all 50 states.
28. Happily marry.
29. Have my brother walk me down the aisle.
30. Sky dive.
31. Meet an eskimo.
32. Be Calvin and Hobbes for Halloween.
33. Run 10k. I know... low expectations.
34. Take a train through all of Southern France.
35. Photograph a wedding.
36. Visit all 20 Italian regions.
37. Drive the Amalfi Coast.
38. Run through the arch in the Mirabell Gardens, à la the Von Trapps.
39. Sew a dress.
40. Ride a camel.
41. Pray at the Western Wall.
42. Have tea at the Amelie cafe in Paris.
43. Remake our Eiffel Tower video that got stolen.
44. Remember one person's birthday for every day of the year.
45. Visit the Grand Canyon.
46. Go to the top of the Space Needle.
47. Swim in Lake Tahoe.
48. Take pictures along the Utah salt flats.
49. Visit Jenna in Texas.
50. Be happy. (check)

It's still a work in progress, but this is a good start. I know they're usually called "bucket lists," but David asked why we couldn't just call it a list? So, this is my list for now. A few things checked off, but a lot more to go. And more things to add. Do you have a list?


  1. :) How cool. I don´t have a list yet. But now I want to make one :)

    <3 M.

  2. number 6 is my fave, but i am pretty partial to number 9 as well. :)

    oh - i have seen the northern lights! (my sister lives in alaska..does that mean i have met an eskimo?) ;)

    ps you know i love the mirabell pic :)

  3. You've accomplished quite a lot for your age!

  4. seeing the northern lights is on my list too!

  5. That is a brilliant list. I started one of my own but I really should post it. Then I'll be accountable.

  6. I really like this. I might make one too. Bravo on getting so much done already!

  7. wonderful post!

    Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me!!! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  8. wow. this list has a lot of amazing things you'd like to do. they're all so special! i wish i had the enthusiasm you have to travel the world and not be afraid to try new things :)

  9. what an awesome list. I definitely agree with a few of those things! =)

    Come swim in Tahoe this summer (it's still freezing!!) because you are so close!! Tahoe is awesome!

  10. such a great list! i have a list as well but i havent done nearly as many things as you have on yours!

  11. darling, sweetheart! why it was just a couple nights ago, my boyfriend & i sat in a corner booth and wrote our "list of things to do" before our coming birthdays. The little things are the most magical, I think. Like stitching a pillow or making the perfect buttercream frosting.


  12. what a wonderful list! i just started my own and this was definitely inspiring.

  13. Wow!!! Your list puts my list to shame! My blog is based on my list, if you want to check it out. Congrats on your amazing accomplishments!

  14. great list and i would so love to see the northern lights. they look stunning in photos so i only imagine how breathtakingly beautiful they must be in person

  15. This is a great list, Celeste. I'm really tempted to make my own. WONDDERFUL post as usual. :)


  16. Thanks for the comment the other day! I am so flattered that you would compliment my photos, because yours are wonderful. What a great list!


  17. That's a nice list. That first photo looks fun, but I doubt I'd ever be adventurous enough to try it myself. Lol. Have a happy day sweetie. =)

  18. I have a list :) I can't wait to get stuck into all of it :)

  19. hi!I have enjoyed reading your blog for a wee bit now.Visiting the Amelie Cafe is also top on my list,as well as visiting Utah.I've only passed by on road trips to Vegas unfortunately.

  20. Thanks for your answer!obviously I follow you...but do you speak Italian??? kiss kiss ^^

  21. Awesome list! I'm inspired. Must work on mine now.

  22. What a great list! Very inspiring. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm glad to have found yours xo