November 17, 2009

tonight was the leonid meteor shower peaking at 1am.
actually.. it's probably still going on right now.

i got outside around 12:45 and came back in around 1:20.
in between, i saw at least 10 meteors, three brightly lit with long tails.
david went outside at the same time in santa cruz, but went in a little earlier.
my first 2 bright meteors were while we were on the phone.
i lingered, to catch a lucky 3, and just as i was about to head inside,
my last one came.

the last time i did this was with friends a little less than 3 years ago,

as rare as these are, they are among my favorite things to do.


  1. I love staying up late to watch the meteor showers. My boyfriend and I plan whole camping trips around them! We missed Leonid because of the clouds, but we did camp during the last Perseid shower and it was incredible. These make the most romantic dates!

  2. i'm so sorry to hear about the clouds :( i got really lucky in that there were none in my area during the shower. it turns out there are quite a few more meteor showers to come (geminids, quadrantids) so hopefully the skies are clear for you two then (: