abaty tyndyrn (tintern abbey)

May 2, 2010
during my first week in oxford, our program took a group trip to wales
tintern abbey was our first stop.
when i spent a year at santa cruz, i took a romanticism class where we read wordsworth (along with other poets) and my teacher loooooooved the poem about tintern abbey.

it... was not my favorite.
but it was pretty cool/funny that i ended up going

with jen, sanna, mike, and stephanie

teniya, sam, sanna, anna

hiyabel, laura, jen, and myself

we left oxford at 730 and got to tintern around 930
it was windy and freezing but after walking around, i got a little breakfast in a tea room
then we headed to the welsh museum of life (my favorite)!


  1. That looks amazing! great pictures, wish I could visit such a place! :)

  2. amazing photos as always :)

  3. So jealous! I majored English and would looove to go to England some day :)