schloß schönbrunn

April 21, 2010
for our second day in vienna,
we took the metro to schloß schönbrunn,
the habsburg palace

what you see when you first walk through the gates

in the gardens


the back of the palace

each of the squares made a noise when you stepped on it,
so of course i danced all over it

only.. the coolest playground on the face of the planet
you could CLIMB INTO the bird

and there were trick mirrors (:

we went to an apple streusel demonstration

then took our final turn around these gardens before heading back

sometimes i don't know how it's possible
to love being with someone this much


  1. aaw u guys look lovely and everytime i come to comment the "i want to travel all over the world (just to take pictures of us kissing in every city)" makes me so happy.. i was like this with my ex such a beautiful thing to be loved.. ur so lucky to travel alot.


  2. awwwwww.... you guys are adorable. i'm still really jealous of your trip to Europe together!

  3. the tree is amazing and i love the first photo of your feet, it's cute!

  4. you two are cute together :)
    seems like you've enjoyed your trip!
    I know most of those places by heart :)
    greets from vienna