vernazza {cinque terre pt. 2}

March 19, 2010
these feet pictures may all look the same
either way, onto cinque terre town #2:

this is the most famous of the towns because there's
a little harbor where people take photos of the boats
with the colorful houses

but the boats were all gone
because it's winter and too cold to go out

the buoys mark where the boats should be

colorful houses

annabelle and emily

the little mermaid!
sort of...
i was obsessed when i was a baby
& my sister tells me about it all the time
so i took this for her (:

the town

maybe not the safest place to jump
but annabelle is a pro

with their pesto pizza
the region of liguria is famous for its pesto

pretty good imitation
if i do say so myself

three more cities to go


  1. pesto pizza?!??! yummyummyummyummyummy

  2. The Little Mermaid = amazing. I love that photo haha

  3. you know, all these cities are so close to the water, and i remember you mentioning that they're combating sinking issues in venice currently, but do you ever worry about cities just falling into the water while you're there?

  4. beautiful!!! looks like you gys enjoyed your day :)

  5. danny- haha actually.. yes, i do worry about that. but the adventurer in me doesn't care and makes me go anyway

  6. Celeste! I wanted to drop in and comment--I haven't commented on practically any of your posts since you're been travelling (!) but I wanted you to know that I'm reading and have been LOVING it!