corniglia {cinque terre pt. 3} + NEWS

March 20, 2010

we finally got to a town that
we could spend more time in
and finally HIKE to the next town

when we first got to the train station
we decided to not take the bus into town
and walk
and then we saw this

yes, there were that many ramp thingies
my legs were hurtinggggg

then we got to the little town and walked around
and saw a sign pointing to the marina!
so we followed it

turns out the marina is at the bottom of a cliff
so we had.. oh, about 5 million rocky steps to go down

about.. 1/4 of the steps to go down

first citing of the marina

again with the rocks

a cute couple that was sunbathing,
playing guitar, and sipping wine

i think this was my favorite town
because of the marina

and now.. the news:

british airways is going on strike this week
david's flight got cancelled

and while there was a moment of panic
he's now coming a day earlier (!)
and we're meeting in paris on monday :D

new countdown: 1/2

ps - i just arrived in nice a few hours ago
after 11 hours in transit
and i can't wait to explore tomorrow (:


  1. this is great very great pictures.


  2. awesome news!!!!! and the couple siping wine and playing guitar is super cute :)

  3. pretty pretty pictures! and british airways is on strike?! that's absurd!