March 17, 2010
i should have seen this coming
after the volterra episode
but of course i assume the weather will be better
and it's snowing just as much

well i couldn't do much in siena
because the weather was so hard to function in
but i walked around a little and enjoyed
it's cute little streets

il campo


il duomo

it was really hard to take pictures
while wet snow was flying everywhere
so most of my photos are from the inside of the beautiful duomo

carvings in almost all of the floors

medieval song book
in the piccolomini library
probably my favorite thing from siena from my visit

please note:
none of the art on the wall
has ever undergone restoration

and i bet it must have looked this beautiful,
if not more, 500 years ago when it was made

i always think libraries are the most beautiful
thanks, siena


  1. that music book is awesome! along with the artwork!

  2. ah the music books. so, i noticed you begin many of these posts with a picture of your feet in a certain building/location. you've probably mentioned why in a previous post, but i was curious about your reason for this. i think it's a great way to tie together all your posts, by the way.

  3. actually.. i don't think i've ever mentioned why. when i went to amherst for the first time (a really long time ago) i really liked the leaves and took a picture of my feet with them. now i try to take photos of my feet in every new city that i go to just because it's my own form of a souvenir. and thanks, i like to think it gives some sort of continuity with all of the random places i go :)

  4. Ooh, I love your new blog header- cute shoes!

  5. It's approximately 75 degrees where I am right now, so I'm just shivering thinking of all that snow! But, as always, it's beautiful, and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!

  6. the music book would be my favorite too :)

  7. I've been to Siena! Did you go to the top of that tower? It was awesome