monterosso {cinque terre pt. 1}

March 18, 2010
even though it was the weekend before finals
and i still needed to write two more 10 page papers
and study for my italian final

i went to cinque terre with my friend emily & annabelle
was this a good idea?
hell yeah it was!

(for those of you who don't know
le cinque terre
are 5 small beach towns
which you can walk to one by one
or take the train between
{which we had to do for the first 2 cities because 2 trails were closed because of rock slides :(})

the mediterranean!
i couldn't get over how BLUE and CLEAR it all was

please pardon the self photo

the beach was all pebbles
i may or may not have taken a green, shiny souvenir

oh you know..
just sitting at a cafe on the ocean front

i love that you can see the rocks :)

modeling on the pier
annabelle & emily = ANTM (cycle 15)

ok i only remembered to take a photo just as
i was about to finish eating this, BUT, this foccaccia:
so so so so so so good.
potato and rosemary never tasted better together

probably the best way to start off the cinque terre (:


  1. Pretty pictures!!!

    Okay, how many days left on the countdown?

  2. Aahhh isn't Cinque Terre amazing??

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