March 16, 2010
i'll admit it.
i have been determined to go to volterra
because it's where the volturi live in new moon
but after that it's also just a lovely, antiquated hill town.

when i first left my house to take the buses to volterra
i saw snow.. which is VERY unusual for florence
but i figured it was no big deal and met sydney at the bus station

as the buses drove closer and closer
we started to see A LOT more snow
and by the time we got to volterra
it was covered and completely white (minus the buildings)

palazzo priori
(where edward would have almost revealed his sparkly
vampire skin at noon.. if the movie was actually filmed here..)

porta all'arco
old etruscan gate

i guess no one else wanted to
visit volterra in the copious amounts of snow

inside city hall

had to ;)


roman theatre
hazy with the snow

while we waited for our bus home
we took refuge from the snow in a pasticceria!

hot chocolate!
they gave me A LOT of whipped creme and some cookies

waiting for the bus to colle val d'elsa
and then back to florence

ps - after this bus came,
we were stuck on some random road for an hour
because the road was blocked
so we missed the connecting bus to florence and waited 50 minutes
but that bus was also late, so we spent 30 minutes extra in the snow
before being stuck in snowy traffic for another hour

and we finally got back at 6:30


  1. omj u went there... gosh ur like freakin lucky..


  2. you know the first thing i thought was new moon when i opened your post :D im sooo jealous you went and it's beautiful as always...all your pictures are amazing!!! as well as the places you visit!!!

    new moon picture!! lols i would of too ;)

  3. ahh ok I was keeping this secret because some people are so love/hate about the whole Twilight thing, but I wanted to ask if you were going to visit Volterra! I love it!

  4. ;sklfjasfkl;jsdfjkadfkl;jd.
    sooo loveley.
    the roman theatre looks PERFECT. like it's from a movie.
    that hot chocolate looks delicious!

  5. OMGOSSSH!! These pictures are so beautiful!!!

  6. I didn't know the town actually existed. How cool! Now I want to take a trip ;)