riomaggiore and via dell'amore {cinque terre pt. 5}

March 21, 2010
the "hike" between manarola and riomaggiore
is called "via dell'amore"
because it's covered in love graffiti
and padlocks with lovers' initials along the way

emily + annabelle = lovers :)

"i love you truly,
i love you i swear,
for love always ♥"

the "hike" was really more of just a walk
locks! you can see these
in a ton of cities
sad face because
david wasn't there to sit
on the lover chair with me

walkway of love graffiti

at first i thought this said
"david you're stupid"
and i thought that was weird to write here
but it actually means
"david you are stupendous"

looks like everyone loves david
i don't blame them


we didn't have a lot of time for
the last city because we were trying to
catch a train in about 30 minutes

but, much like the other towns, it was adorable

emily, annabelle, me
sunset silhouettes


  1. from what i've heard, the rocks are inspired from a movie (i don't know which one), but the tradition started in rome. anyway, now lovers write their initials and/or anniversary on a lock and lock it somewhere and throw a way the key to represent the forevernes of their love :)