san gimignano

March 21, 2010
when i first arrived in florence in january,
i asked my host dad where i should go
he said that san gimignano was "meravigliosa"
and he was right (of course)

of all of the tuscan hill towns that i've been to
san gimignano is my favorite

the city walls right at the entrance


the well in piazza della cisterna

buildings along the piazza

i think i have an obsession with towers
because i always try to climb one when i get to cities with one

at one point, san gimignano used to have 72 towers
today, they have been able to preserve 14

lucky for my knee/legs/feet
you can only climb the tallest one ;)

views from la grossa
tower views are always, always worth it.
especially when it's a sunny day in tuscany

little street

going to san gimignano was a very quick day trip,
but i hope that one day i can come back to show everyone that i love


  1. Just browsing all your Italy posts and getting v. excited about my trip tomorrow!

  2. oh man i'm so excited for you! you're going to have an amazing time!