fiera del cioccolato artigianale

February 8, 2010
this weekend including very fun things including..

- florence night life {self-explanatory}
- a perfect pizza outing {delicious}
- carmen consoli concert {amazing}
- a trip to bologna {photos to come!}
-a chocolate festival:

the chocolate festival covered piazza santa croce and was pretty close to.. heaven. there were all different types of chocolate from all over italy and i got to sample some really delicious stuff!

why yes, this is for chocolate kebabs

my favorite displays

it doesn't get cuter than these..

finalmente, the BEST chocolate i have ever had.
hands down. too bad it was 10 euro for a little slice :\


  1. i'm trying with all my might to not lick my computer screen right now... it looks sooooooooooo delicious and beautiful!

  2. Ahh I love the little sheep and mice! A chocolate festival sounds divine right about now!

  3. You have to be one of the luckiest girl in the world. it sounds like everything you did was fun! i would love to go to one of those concerts.

    *P.S im following you on twitter but you never reply back to my messages!

  4.! i'm coming to italy!!

  5. I am not a big chocolate person at all but OMGOD!! This look ridiculous and I would of probably eat everything lol great pictures!!!

  6. Oh my...that festival really looks like heaven...

  7. drooling. so. hard. right. now.

  8. oooh my goody goodness, that has to be the most heavenly delightful amazing festival in the world!!! I swoon.

  9. These look delicious- so elegant! And I can't help but laugh at the chocolate kebabs- OH yeah. :D

  10. oh wow! that all looks delicious! and you take the most creative pictures :)